PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301)
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PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301)

Product Description

PrimePart ST (PEBA 2301) is a natural coloured powder of a polyether amide, which is developed and optimised for the application in a Laser Sinter system. Laser-sintered parts made from PrimePart ST (PEBA 2301) possess excellent material properties.


  • High elasticity and strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High selectivity and detail resolution
  • Various finishing possibilities (e.g vibratory grinding, flame treatment, tub colouring, bonding, flocking)


Typical applications of the material are fully functional, flexible plastic parts of highest quality. Due to the excellent mechanical properties the material is often used as a production material for long term use. The rubber-like fatigue behaviour qualifies Prime Part ST (PEBA 2301) as excellent prototyping and series material.

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